Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Zorn - Schwarz Metall
Last Episode, 2001
Genre: Black Metal

1. Hexenlichter Am Nordhimmel
2. Schwarz Metall
3. Der Totale Krieg
4. Wiederkehr
5. Kriegserklärung An Die Menschheit
6. ...In Flammen
7. Panzerzorn
8. Genickschuss

Zorn don't waste anytime with putting out a demo, they go straight to releasing a full length!  I'm actually not sure where the creation of this band stands.  I know A. Blackwar put an end to Isegrim (which I also enjoyed) and then Zorn released their first album in the same year.  I just don't know if he was working with Zorn before Isegrim ended or if the other musicians in Zorn formed the band.

Zorn tend to play a very fast and vicious style of Black Metal.  I'm not going to lie, it sounds a lot like what Isegrim was doing on their later albums.  I think in that regard it has a sort of generic feel and sort of makes me wonder why Isegrim would be put to an end just to start up Zorn, which sounds quite similar.  However, some tracks display a very different feel and I was pleasantly surprised to hear the blatant Arckanum influence on "Wiederkehr".  Then Kriegserklärung an die Menschheit" sounds like Octinomos blended with Algaion and this was also extremely wonderful.  I haven't heard things from those bands in a while.  I thought that really made the album, because it varied up the atmosphere and tone to keep the album interesting.  Otherwise I feel this album would have gotten lost as a rather typical generic performance.

Production wise you get the same level of quality as you'd expect from Isegrim.  Everything is well recorded and mixed, so it is definitely perfect in that regard.  The vocals are fairly standard.  In fact I'm actually surprised how much Sabnock's vocals sound like A. Blackwar's from time to time.  Thankfully it's not all the time and on songs like "Kriegserklärung an die Menschheit" he actually manages to sound a bit like Algaion's vocalist!

That's about all I have to report on this.  I wouldn't say this is a run out and must buy, but if you liked what Isegrim was doing then this is something you should definitely check.  I definitely want to see where Zorn will take things in the future.

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