Genre Definitions: Black Metal

Here is a link to the monstrous collection of music behind this site.  Maybe someday I will review it all... but I doubt it.

My Collection
Subjected to Metal on Facebook

A link to last.fm, where you can see what Subjected to Metal is listening to!

Subjected to Metal on last.fm

I wanted to let everyone know that I'm selling off around 200 items from my personal collection. Everything is in nearly mint condition. This is really just a large portion of items that I realize I don't like that much or I just won't listen to. I'm still working through my collection of around 3,600 items to see if there's anything else I want to sell. But here's the main batch. I thought I would post this here because there's a lot of collectors that care about the music in this group just like me. I just want to get these items to someone who will appreciate them more than me.

For Sale

Here's a list of websites where I purchase a lot of my CD's from.  For those also interested in collecting.

Paragon Records
Sepulchral Productions

Lately I have had to branch out and order from Poland, France and Germany a few times and here are some sites I found to be quite reliable for overseas shipping.

Drakkar Productions

Hass Weg

Witching Hour Productions

For getting mp3's I recommend checking out:
This may seem sort of contradictory for what I tend to stand for, but I really believe a download site is good for sampling bands and finding material that is no longer available.  I honestly buy everything I am physically able to.  If the music is still available you absolutely should buy your own copy if you really like it.  The prices on the site below are so low that if you only want digital music, you should seriously consider downloading mp3's from a site that will guarantee give money to the bands/labels, such as bandcamp or Amazon.  For good or ill to this industry... I do recommend.

Media Club

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