Thursday, January 9, 2014


Misanthrope & Torturer Split
Infest Records, 1991
Genre: Death Metal

Misanthrope: Hater of Mankind
1. Mind Building
2. Paradoxical Burial
3. Unsubdued Redemption
4. Blaspheme the Earth
5. Hater of Mankind
Torturer: Kingdom of the Dark
6. Kingdom of the Dark
7. Prince of Darkness
8. Evil Confession
9. Torture (Eternal Suffering)

Side Misanthrope:here
Side Torturer:

Strange or not, I have never heard of Torturer before. And yes it's 2014 as I write this. The reason I purchased this split is because I was trying to complete my Misanthrope discography. It appears that Torturer are a fairly legendary Chilean Death/Thrash band that is still going strong today. After hearing this I may want to check out some of the more modern installments. Only recently has Chile really been showing up on my radar for having some very good bands.

The material on this split is basically a re-release of their demo "Kingdom of the Dark" released earlier in 1991. This is some very solid old school Death/Thrash. There's a sort of difference when you're a Death Metal band transitioning out of Thrash and your a band intending on playing Death/Thrash. The music really feels different and it usually ends up sounding more well written, because you're working within the confines of where the genre is sitting. So the Torturer side of this split has all the excellent thrashing moments you would expect with some seriously catchy riffing bringing the listener in. You can hear all the great blending of 80's Thrash like Metallica, Slayer, Possessed with bands like Death, Nocturnus and so forth. You can tell the project is young, but they seem to be off to a solid start and it makes me wonder where they went in the future.

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