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Hate - Lord is Avenger
Novum Vox Mortis, 1998
Genre: Death Metal

1. Share Your Blood with Daemon
2. World has to Die
3. Dead and Mystified
4. Intransigence of Evil
5. Enter the Hell
6. Convocation
7. Lord is Avenger
8. Paradise as Lost
9. Pagan Triumph
10. Vexation of My Spirit
11. Satan's Horde

The curious thing about Polish Death Metal is that even into the later 90's releasing material on cassette was still very much in style. Luckily I was able to get the original edition of this release. Most of this material was later re-released on a CD called "Holy Dead Trinity" and it got distributed all over the world. It was technically a compilation album, but it's missing the last two tracks off this album. Naturally, that makes having an original version fairly sought after. It's sort of a shame because this material is actually very good. Another interesting aspect of this release is that the record label has changed its name from Vox Mortiis Records to Novum Vox Mortis. I'm really not sure why this change occurred, but the same high quality tape editions are being produced, so I guess it doesn't matter that much.

"Lord is Avenger" is a further improvement on Hate's already fairly solid sound. Everything is heavier and the writing is more well-thought out than ever before. They've also started including a decent dose of solos to really solidify that Deicide experience. Another aspect of this that I think is great is Hate is starting to deviate from the being a Deicide clone and is instead started to blend Deicide's sound with some more Death Metal from the Polish region. The end result is one of the most punishing Hate releases to date. I do hear a bit of "Once Upon the Cross" finding it's way into Hate's recording, but it's a lot less than I was expecting for a 1998 release from this band. They do a great job of blending all of that together.

In the end I really like where Hate is heading in this direction. It may not be as intoxicating as some of the Deicide riffs, but it is a solid representation of that style. I like seeing Hate branch out a little more to include some slightly different elements. They might be a little too separated still, because I feel like parts are separated into the "here's the Deicide section" and then "here's our own section". If they can figure out how to blend this all together seamlessly they will likely have much stronger albums in the future.

Hate - Daemon Qui Fecit Terram
Vox Mortiis Records, 1996
Genre: Death Metal

1. Animate the Blood
2. In Satan We Trust
3. Inflict the Pain
4. Almost You are Dead
5. Merry Christless
6. Heaven Like a Hole
7. Lords of Sin
8. An Eye for an Eye
9. Died in Vain
10. Daemon Qui Fecit Terram
11. Cadentia

I believe this is technically considered Hate's debut full-length, however I have no idea how it's that different from "The Unwritten Law". They're both professionally released and have a lot of tracks. Oh well... I'm not going to think about it. This was originally released on cassette, just like the prior albums, unfortunately, this is another one I am missing in my archive. I really would love to get an original pressing of the cassette, but for now I got the material from a compilation CD I own that also had "Lord is Avenger" on it. It seems any pressing of this ancient Hate material is pretty highly sought after.

After hearing "The Unwritten Law" I was expecting some very solid Deicide worship, so I was pretty surprised to hear the album open with "Animate the Blood," which sounded more like the Death Metal being performed around Poland at this time. However, it wasn't long before Hate switched over to playing Deicide styled Death Metal rooted in realms "Deicide" and "Legion". This does make me wonder if Hate will change as Deicide changes over the years... I guess we'll have to wait and see about that. At this time "Once Upon the Cross" has been released. Granted it will take time for Hate to adopt that kind of a change... I just wonder if we'll see it in the future releases. On a retrospective note, I do enjoy listening to this album a lot more now, since the rest of Deicide post '97 really isn't worth listening to. So, if you miss those ancient days of Death Metal, Hate is really what you should be listening to now. Adam has actually done an excellent job at modelling his vocals after Glen's.

As far as debut albums go, "Daemon Qui Fecit Terram" is a very solid release. The higher production values are really wonderful. It gives the guitar tone a much more crushing feel than before. This is definitely an album worth hearing if you can get your hands on the material.

Hate - The Unwritten Law
Vox Mortiis Records, 1995
Genre: Death Metal

1. Performance
2. The Unwritten Law
3. Burn with Hatred
4. Living Sacrifice
5. Decadence of the Human Race
6. Evil Art
7. Demigod
8. Convocation

Unfortunately my collection of original Hate tapes is a little spotty. I was surprised to even find this tape, but I did miss out on the one before this called "Evil Art" from 1994. Luckily between a lot of re-releases I have almost all the new songs on "Evil Art" except "Purificated". A few songs from "Evil Art", I believe, are re-recorded on Side B of this tape. I also believe "Evil Art" is where the Deicide influence really started to hit a lot harder. "The Unwritten Law" really hits this home. This tape is pro-printed with a pro-printed booklet as well. It is no surprised to see Adam wearing a Deicide t-shirt in the band photo!

"The Unwritten Law" is basically a blending of Deicide's self-titled and "Legion". The worship is so bad it almost borders on perjury and has gotten Hate swiftly labeled as "the Polish Deicide" in many reviews and comments. I think this was almost too soon for a Deicide worship band and that's why Hate has spent most of it's time in the realms of unknown territory. I remember when I first heard them I wrote them off because, as I usually say: "I already own those Deicide albums." I say this about Emperor clones now too, but that's usually because they don't play as well. However, I can't say the same for Hate. They really do play just as well as Deicide. I think my review for this in 1995 would have been very different from what I'm about to say now, but I'm really glad this material is so close to original Deicide work. As I delve back in time to listen to all this old material on my shelf, I think I like the fact that there is at least one more album styled like "Legion" out there. Given the type of trash Deicide has been releasing, I'm actually really glad a band like Hate came along in these early years and really harnessed that sound too. This really is perfect, if it weren't for the vocals, I would probably have trouble telling the two bands apart! If you also think about it, even in the early 90's there weren't really any bands trying to mold the Deicide brand of Death Metal, despite their influencing a lot of bands over the years. It was really Hate who did this best. On that note I'm glad I was able to track down a copy of this demo, because they really did preserve a sound of an era.

If you 're an early Deicide fan or Hate fan, I would consider "The Unwritten Law" a must have demo. The real trick is finding this thing... and that's no small feat these days. I got really lucky and maybe someday I will find "Evil Art", for now "The Unwritten Law" is an excellent piece of history to enjoy.

Hate - Abhorrence
Self-Released, 1992
Genre: Death Metal

1. Sweet Death
2. Curse of Dream
3. Abhorrence
4. Psalm of Suffer
5. Interlude
6. Demigod
7. The Prayer

The band Hate from Poland was under everyone's radar for a long time. I think I first heard them back in 2001 with the release of their compilation "Holy Dead Trinity". They were a decent Deicide worship band, so I followed their discography. It wasn't until nearly a decade later their career really started to explode. I'm not sure how many people out there realize that Hate was also around in the very early Polish Death Metal scene with a lot of other really spectacular bands. This tape came on a dubbed cassette with a pro-printed booklet.

Like most of the bands in the early days Hate pretty much sounds like all the other early Death Metal bands. They play a Death Metal style with a heavy dose of Thrash infused in the music. I think we hear some Deicide styled riffs cut through in songs like Abhorrence, so they probably knew of Deicide around this time. There literally isn't much more to say about this demo, because, most likely, if you've heard one early 90's Death Metal band, you will not be surprised by "Abhorrence". There was a lot of growth in the Polish scene during this time, so it must have been exciting to be part of that. It's fairly hard for me to judge how "good" this demo really is because I've heard so much music that sounds like this at this point that I may be dismissing it a bit more than I should. It's interesting that Poland's Death Metal scene would eventually produce some of the more unique styles of Death Metal in later years and I count Hate among that group producing really different music.

This is certainly a classic demo from the early days and I am happy to have this in my collection, because this band would eventually grow into one of the better Death Metal bands out there. On a curious note, I've separated a song out called "Interlude", which is a beautiful instrumental and I remember this having a bit of distance between songs, so I felt it warranted its own track. Anyway, check out this piece of history!

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  1. Definitely Hate was among the best DM bands around here in Poland back in the 90's and also later... their recent album are more modern kind of D/BM with a strong influence from Behemoth - especially with the image which I think is shit - but anyway, they still produce some better or worse albums... but musically far different from the early stuff. I definitely prefer their old 90's days.