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Warnungstraum - Eripe Ferrum
Nykta Records, 2012
Genre: Black Metal

1. Nocte
2. Gran Naufragio
3. Orda di Arimane
4. Via d'Occidente
5. La Caccia Eterna
6. Altare del Disgusto
7. Ad Ditis Regna

After a debut album that did have some promising moments I hoped that checking out "Eripe Ferrum" was going to be worth my time. Happily "Eripe Ferrum" seems to sort out some of the problems I found with "Inter Peritura". The riffing doesn't feel nearly as dry as the prior release and I found this a much better presentation for their brand of Black Metal.

"Eripe Ferrum" opens with the incredibly haunting "Nocte" and I really thought this was going to give way to some seriously wonderful Atmospheric Black Metal, but to my surprise it didn't really do that. The riffing style definitely borders on the Atmospheric Black Metal range, but there's enough viciousness to keep this rooted into the more standard Black Metal camp, in my opinion anyway. Even though there are some lengthy Ambient tracks, it's kept separate from the Black Metal entirely, which is sort of unfortunate given how strong the two tracks on "Inter Peritura" were. I was hoping to see them move in that direction, but I am happy with a solid Black Metal album at the very least. The riffs are a lot more interesting and well crafted this time around. Albeit the riffing is still fairly standard and nothing new to the Black Metal scene, their writing is far stronger making this a fairly solid effort in the end. The blending of the rhythm and lead sections gives this a much more interesting palette for us to engage in and gives the album a much more dynamic feel rather than the dry feel I got from the debut. I think part of that problem stems from the fact that the band clearly wants to write fairly lengthy tracks and if you don't have interesting riffs to back that up the whole album is torn down completely.

This album is an excellent follow-up with major improvements in place. I still would really like to hear this band blend this into a more atmospheric setting, because it would really work in there. Maybe someday in the future that will see the light of day. For now, if you want to hear a fairly solid Black Metal album "Eripe Ferrum" won't really steer you wrong, but I an understand some people complaining about lack of "originality" as is often the case with this kind of material. Either way, I certainly don't regret having this album in my collection at all.

Warnungstraum - Inter Peritura
Nykta Records, 2011
Genre: Black Metal

1. Ingresso
2. Il Sacrificio del Tempo
3. Il Monde รจ Cenere
4. Hoc Unum Scio
5. Grave Regina Immonda
6. La Maschera del Nulla
7. Ultimo Corno di Guerra
8. Congedo

For some reason I don't seem to get very much Black Metal out of Italy despite the fact that there are some very strong acts from that region. It seems Warnungstraum is built from two members in Obscure Devotion, though I have not heard of that project before. When I was ordering some new albums Warnngstraum's name and album covers caught my eye. Upon listening to a sample I decided to give the band a try.

"Inter Peritura" is the debut for this band and even though I've seen this classed as Ambient Black Metal, I certainly disagree with that. This is just Black Metal through and through aside from the all keyboard intro and outro, which is hardly enough to give the band a style change. The track "Grave Regina Immonda" and "La Maschera del Nulla" do a descent job trying to blend in the Ambient though and has some of the best guitar work on the album. While "Inter Peritura" isn't a bad album, I don't think I found it to be a compelling album. It is merely a good Black Metal album, and in that range it unfortunately is more subject to the feelings of "this is fairly generic." It does have standout points and some riffs are quite excellent, but there just aren't enough of them to really capture my imagination. The lyrics being in Italian is a definite bonus, for, like Tenebrea in Perpetuum, I love hearing romance languages utterly perverted. Upon reading the back it says someone performs clean vocals and this could go very wrong or very right in my opinion. Luckily it goes very correctly with Warnungstraum because the clean vocals are all chanted in this very haunting fashion giving the album a much deeper presence.

Overall the album is merely average. It has a lot of elements that I like, but I think the writing has a lot of room to grow. The two songs that cross into the Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal range are by far the strongest on this release. I would really like to see them build into this direction, because I think an entire album of that blended with touches of chanted vocals will really create a beautiful release. They certainly have the potential to pull this together, so hopefully in the future this will see the light of day.

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