Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wings of War

Beleth & Wings of War - The Flames of Evil
Self Released, 2006
Genre: Black Metal

1. Dzikich Kapłanek Wielki Dzień (Sabat)
2. Dusze Wyklętych
3. Groza w Postaci Nowego Boga
4. Brothers of Black Alliance
5. Ghoul (Mayhem Cover)
Wings of War:
6. Intro
7. Ostatni Hymn
8.Tej Nocy Zabiję...

Side Beleth: here
Side Wings of War:

Even though this is re-released material for Beleth this is actually Wings of War's debut material. The real draw for this project is that it features Belial from Moontower, now named Apocalyptic Winds for this project, on vocals and guitar. While I greatly enjoy Moontower and the work they do, I wish I had a more favorable outlook on Wings of War.

I'm not really sure what the bands real goal is. At times they have a sort of old school Black Metal sound as if when Black Metal was transitioning from the days of Thrash and at times they have a more standard Black Metal sound. The production is raw and harsh as you would expect from a band trying to cast itself in that transitional phase. However, this stuff didn't really work for me. The guitar tone is entirely too fuzzy and the harsh quality doesn't give anything a razor edge, instead it gives a sort of muddy feel to the music. There's almost no atmosphere to behold and I think that's really where this project loses me.

Given Moontowers track record, I'll probably see if Wings of War can produce anything better on future releases. This really is just demo material, so it's pretty hard to judge a bands more polished material later. Maybe in a few releases Wings of War will have garnered some kind of direction that really works for their style. For now, this really wasn't anything that interesting.

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