Monday, March 23, 2015


Tyhjyys - Tyhjyys
Grievantee Productions, 2010
Genre: Black Metal

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Hailing out of Finland Tyhjyys really plays up the obscurity factor. Not much information can be found about the project. The reason I wound up picking this up is solely due to the fact that I've enjoyed a lot of Grievantee's releases over the years, so I decided to try my luck with this as well. As usual, Tyhjyys proves to be a solid band for their debut full length.

Tyhjyys sort of sits somewhere between the realms of harsh Black Metal and atmospheric Black Metal. I don't think the riffing is quite enough to push it to that atmospheric level that I'd expect from the likes of Csejthe, but there are moments where this is surely the case. Listen to the song "5" and you'll hear riffing that transcends the standard fair Black Metal.  Even so, Tyhjyys, sits somewhere in the glory of Horna and some of the more raw German styled bands I find quite endearing. The vocal performance is a little weak, but its wisely put in the back of the mix. Despite the lackluster performance here, it really doesn't mar the overall nature of the music. The vocals are also show up quite sparingly throughout the release, so the real focus is on the music and Tyhjyys gives us a great experience in that regard. They do a pretty good job between having some fast raging sections and slow melancholic periods. The real problem with this release is that at first glance it feels painfully generic, but you need to listen to this multiple times to really tease out the charm of the release. Only then do we realize that the foundation being laid here is quite well done.

With such a solid foundation, I am curious to see where Tyhjyys would go next. Will they release something in the future? Or will this be their lone standing effort and allow the project to fall into true obscurity where only a few listeners remain to remember what was done here...

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