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Caverne - Chants des Héros Oubliés
Résilience, 2013
Genre: Black Metal

1. Clarté Lunaire
2. Terre Souillée
3. Ma Race
4. Ni le Lieu, ni l'HeureD

After  promising first demo, I was eager to delve into the follow-up released a mere year later. This cassette is printed in a similar fashion with a nice hard stock booklet. Again, no limitation on the tape is listed anywhere. Caverne has undergone some line-up changes and is now down to a one person project. Brume has left the drum duties, but they pick up again with Nécropole.

With "Des Tréfonds du Haut Bois" having a solid foundation, I was curious to see where this could develop. The demo starts with a fairly standard old styled keyboard intro before delving into the opening song "Terre Souillée", which starts with some very surprising riffing for Black Metal. It actually reminds me a little of what you would have heard from the early 90's Grunge scene, but it is not long before we delve into some soaring melodic Black Metal. This aspect makes the song quite beautiful and I'm still a little iffy if the other riffing really works with that soaring style of riffing. The rest of this demo really builds more on the melodic and soaring style of riffing, which made the rest of this tape really stand out. It's interesting, I usually find the high pitched screeching vocals quite a turn off, but I seem to find Amertume's approach quite tolerable. Probably because it's not all high pitched wails all the time.

I think this is a pretty good improvement on the debut demo. I rarely ever found myself getting tired of any of the songs. Things are arranged in a far better form this time around. The riffs and atmosphere feel a lot stronger as well, making this a vastly more enjoyable effort. I really look forward to see where Caverne goes next.

Caverne - Des Tréfonds du Haut Bois
Résilience, 2012
Genre: Black Metal

1. Sermeot ar Huelgoat
2. Des Tréfonds du Haut Bois
3. Caverne
4. Songe d'une Lune Morbide
5. Nuit et Brouillard

Caverne is a band I found in relation to Nécropole and since I found the projects were very related, I tracked down both Caverne demos. This is Caverne's debut demo and it comes on a tape with a booklet printed on hard stock paper. It's actually a really nice booklet in that regard. No limitation is listed on the release.

Caverne seems to divide its time between a fairly epic and fast quality of Black Metal and slow and plodding atmospheres. I feel like the former are a bit stronger in terms of their composition abilities. Take the song "Caverne" for instance, it has a rather wonderful and droning, yet epic atmosphere, but it plods the same riff for a bit too long. Eventually this starts to erode the atmospheric space a little, but they do have the good sense to eventually switch up the slow plodding and advance the song into some quite stellar material. Caverne seems to be on a promising move, if they could harness their atmosphere and meld it with the faster sections it would really sound spectacular. Quite a bit of the material reminds me of the mid-90's era and even the production really has that feel as well. This is a good reference point, but I would like to see if they could push the envelope in this space a little more, because I feel like there on the cusp of creating some really stellar compositions.

Caverne, to me, is definitely something to watch in the future. The first demo has some strong parts, albeit some sections seem to drag on and feel quite samey. However, if you're a fiend for that early styled atmosphere and production, then you may find this a highly commendable demo.

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