Friday, September 11, 2015


Changed Name to Saor

Àrsaidh - Roots
Darker Than Black, 2013
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

1. Roots
2. Carved in Stone
3. Saorsa
4. A Highland Lament

Here we have the debut album from Àrsaidh, which I picked up back when it came out. The project has since gained some ground under the name Saor. It's strange that I don't hear too much out of Scotland from the Black Metal world, despite that region of the world having some breathtaking history and landscapes to inspire such musical aspirations. I may just be ill-informed, but I haven't heard much cross the great pond and this is one of the first. However, if Àrsaidh is any indicator to what is brewing in the region then there should be some seriously high hopes.

"Roots" is a really beautiful and majestic album. If you like tinges of folk elements added into your Atmospheric Black Metal then surely you'll feel wonderfully immersed into "Roots". Aspects of this remind me a bit of what Altar of Plagues did in their early days, but Àrsaidh have tinges of Ukrainian styling along the lines of Drudkh. Witnerfylleth certainly shows up in their sound here and there, but Àrsaidh, while influenced by that sound, expand it a little by adding in their own tinge of highland atmosphere.

Naturally this is a great album. However, shortly after this release the band has changed its name to Saor, because there were issues with certain internet services use the "À" character in their name. Still "Roots" is a wonderful album, so look for it under the name Saor now.

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