Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ensom Skogen

Ensom Skogen/Forgotten Spell/Moonblood Split
Misanthrophia Discos, 2015
Genre: Black Metal

Ensom Skogen:
1. Herrschaft des Feuerkults (Part II)
2. Der Triumph, ist mein (Part II)
3. Gestank der Menschheit (Part II)
4. Lodernde Beschwörung (Part II)
Forgotten Spell:
5. Metamorphosis in a Spiritual Spectral Sphere
6. Aesthetics of the Necromantic Manifestation
7. Proclaiming Satan
8. Slave of Eternity (Nachzehrer)
9. The Unholy

Side Forgotten Spell: here
Side Moonblood: here
Side Ensom Skogen:

When I saw the CD edition of the last two Moonblood songs featured a couple other bands I was certainly interested in hearing what they might sound like. Given Gaamalzagoth's tastes, I assumed they would be raw and simplistic Black Metal. Ensom Skogen is certainly lives up to that description. This isn't new material from the project, but is actually four songs from their "Feuerkult Rehearsal" from 2009.

My immediate response to these recordings was a Darkthrone reference, but I think some of the simpler structuring hearkens more to the style of early Gorgoroth in some ways. I would imagine an influence from early Bathory is obligatory as well. There is a bit of Moonblood feel in one of the riffs for "Lodernde Beschwörung", but other than that they kind of stuck with their own raw blend.

I guess that's the basics of their sounds. I, personally, wasn't really into the music that much. I'm not sure I'd seek out the rest of their recordings at this point, but who knows. Sometimes a later recording really can strike a chord with me and when I delve into the back catalog I enjoy the originals a lot more. However, if that blend above seems appealing, check out the project, I can't think of much more to say about their style.

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