Thursday, June 27, 2013

Deathcult (Ger)

Katharsis/Deathcult - Trident Trinity
Sombre Records, 1999
Genre: Black Metal

1. Lust-Bestial Rise
2. Hell Wicked Slut
3. Storm of Magog
4. Havoc Sceptre
5. Demon of Darkness
6. Black Magic (Slayer Cover)
7. The Rising
8. Infernal
9. Murder in the Halls of Heaven
10. Awakening of Eternity
11. Armageddon/An Iron Flame
12. Lacerating the Angels
13. I.N.R.I.
14. Carpe Noctem

Side Katharsis: here
Side Deathcult:

Deathcult is a band I had never heard of before, but it features members of Katharsis so you can pretty easily imagine what this sounds like.  All the material on this split appeared on the "...And Heaven Spits Blood" demo from 1999 as well.  This would also be the last thing released under this projects name.

I can sort of understand why Scorn and M.K. felt the need to put this project under a different band name.  The music is fairly different from intense chaotic assault that Katharsis brings us.  Deathcult is a lot more structured, but it's so much more heavily rooted in early Thrash Metal.  This gives the music an entirely different feel.  Unfortunately due to my demo being a bootleg and poorly copied I don't even get to hear the entire demo.  The demo eventually finishes off with a cover of Slayer's "Black Magic" which is done in similar Katharsis fashion... played faster and in half the time of the original.

I wish this bootleg hadn't been screwed up so that Deathcult's music could at least survive in some guise.  But it's really hard to find anything from the project.  If you liked what Katharsis was doing in the early days then you'll definitely want to check out what Deathcult was doing as well.

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  1. you can find "and heaven spits blood" by deathcult on suspiral.blogspot