Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Moonblood/Nema - Split
Unholy Baphomet Records, 1996
Genre: Black Metal

1. Moonstruck
2. Nocturnal Silence in the Forest

Side Moonblood: here
Side Nema:

I apologize for the relatively poor image above... see my Moonblood review for details. Nema had the honor of releasing a split with Moonblood limited to 666 hand-numbered copies of which I own #524. And I do mean it was Nema's honor... not the other way around. Prior to this Nema only put out a couple demo tapes and after hearing this I am not interested in hearing them.

This song starts off like it will be a promising with haunting keyboards and wolves howling in the background. Then it delves into a slowly plodding guitar line with good vocals... then around 1:50 the video game music starts. I have no idea what they're doing now, but this sounds like 8-bit midi and I get a reminiscence of playing Nintendo. It doesn't last very long before it drops back to the slow guitar, low growls, and a haunting keyboard in the background. The guitar work never gets very interesting, nor do the drums. Nema seems more focused on trying to create whatever atmosphere they're trying to create and, honestly, when they're not doing something stupid on the keyboards the track isn't that bad. While the vocalist is actually quite talented, he breaks into some spoken word sections that just sound lame with this atmosphere and I feel it really disconnects the listener due to their poor placement. At around six minutes in we get another terrible keyboard passage. Now, I realize Nema did this first, but honestly the other application for this was done by Die Antwoord, a rap group from South Africa. Below I enclosed the video for Die Antwoord... I just can't believe these two projects have inadvertently crossed paths! On the upside Die Antwoord is just so bizarre that it's actually entertaining to some degree... whatever, beware strange things linked below.

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