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Dark Fury

Dark Fury - Synningthwait
Lower Silesian Stronghold, 2014
Genre: Black Metal

1. Sceadugenga
2. Kiedy Nadlatują Kruki
3. Zmierzch Świata
4. Gdy Ginie Znienawidzony Wróg
5. Thunreasleam
6. Jad

Ever since "Synningthwait" hit the metal scene, I've seen a large number of people raving about this release. I've never seen such excitement over a Dark Fury album, despite having released a large amount of solid material over the years. So, I was looking forward to hearing this and wondering if they've actually managed to outdo "Saligia".

Dark Fury really don't disappoint at all on this release. It's an even more mature approach to the "Saligia" sound and for that reason I can see why it's getting the relative acclaim it is getting. The drum production feels really different on here too... it feels a lot more organic and much less of that triggered feel. It really gives the album a different and great dynamic to it. The focus is so heavy on the more haunting and somber riffing that there aren't many blasting sections to be heard on the album at all. I think this album actually manages to outdo "Salgia" in the great scheme of things. "Synningthwait" sounds a lot more full, to me, when compared to a lot of the prior releases if that makes sense. All the compositional elements are really rounded out to perfection more so than before.

Another interesting aspect of this release is in the liner notes of the booklet. It says "album concept based on the novel of Bernard Cornwell"... which is a little confusing since it doesn't reference the novel at all. Bernard Cornwell has over forty books published... unless there is more than just the well known English author out there? Either way, this is a spectacular release and it is definitely a must by for the year. Now Dark Fury have set the bar higher for themselves yet again!

Dark Fury - Semper Fidelis
Lower Silesian Stronghold, 2013
Genre: Black Metal

1. From the Darkside of Life
2. War Against Christianity
3. Shadows in the Moonlight
4. Youngblood
5. A Blaze of Hatred
6. Wrath
7. Undead
8. Werewolf
9. On a Foggy Mourning
10. Pain
11. Last Way
12. Call of My Ancestores
13. A Gift
14. Behind the Bars
15. The Path
16. A Blaze of Hatred (Rehearsal 2000)
17. Beyond the Gate (Rehearsal 2005)
18. The Song of Treading Death (Rehearsal 2011)
19. Endless War

Keeping up with wanting to release something every year, we get "Semper Fidelis", which is an extremely good compilation from Dark Fury. Basically if you've missed out on all the demo material it is re-released here. It even has the material from the first split with Ohtar. After that is released a lot of material that has been recorded over the years but has never been published. "Behind the Bars", "The Path", and "Endless War" are all studio songs that have never been released. I really like these because the drums sound a lot more organic than the previous Dark Fury recordings. I'm just surprised there is any unreleased studio material at all. The rehearsal tracks are interesting in the sense that we get to hear the music at the early stages. They're, naturally, quite harsh recordings, but they're recorded well enough that we get to hear what's going on. So, if you're a fan of Dark Fury and missed out on the early days of the band, then this is probably worth the collector quality.

Dark Fury/Evil/Pagan Hellfire - We Know how to Hate
Lower Silesian Stronghold/Hammer of Damantion, 2012
Genre: Black Metal

Dark Fury:
1. The Finger of Death
2. The Seed of Ultimate Cleansing
3. The Reaper of Human Flesh
4. Warrior Spirit un-Dead
5. Awake the Beast of Yaweh!
6. Blessing of Burning Fire
7. Grave of the Unborn
8. Gates to Redemption
9. We Bring Your Death!
Pagan Hellfire:
10. The Root of Dormant Pestilence
11. Allegiance and Betrayal
12. Hate is as Strong as Death

Side Evil: ...coming eventually...
Side Pagan Hellfire: ...coming eventually...
Side Dark Fury:

After the rapid change in Dark Fury, I was curious to see if that writing style would find its way into their split releases, or would they default to their earlier style of writing to create that brief intensity they could generate. In the end I think it's a sort of blending of the styles. The only real complaint I have about the release is the vocals are a little too loud in the mix, but that's it.

The few tracks that Dark Fury submit to this release are extremely intense."The Finger of Death" is a violent blasting outburst, but amidst it are moments of a brooding and dark nature, which creates a really interesting atmosphere to behold. So they're sort of blending the earlier approaches with the new it seems. A new compositional element does show up in "The Seed of Ultimate Cleansing" when a very dark middle section is developed through a clean guitar element. This is something that the band rarely used in prior recordings, if at all from what I remember. It seems it worked so well in this track they used it again in another right after and it worked great there too!

In the end I do like seeing Dark Fury trying to grow within the new approach. It seems like they're still doing the whole method of writing a lot of material and tweaking things little by little with each release. It's not a bad method, because we get to stay in a particular sound for a while and just enjoy a lot of material written in the original way until it morphs into something very different.

Dark Fury - W.A.R.
Lower Silesian Stronghold, 2012
Genre: Black Metal

1. Steel Centurion
2. W.A.R.
3. The Cleansing
4. Prepare for War
5. The Storm
6. The Plague

This is the first time we've had to wait more than a year between releases of Dark Fury material. So, I'm extremely curious to see what has been crafted over such a long time frame. I think Dark Fury realized they created something really special with "Saligia" and really needed to focus on how to craft songs that might live up to future expectations.

Dark Fury definitely try to live up to the expectations post "Saligia" and they do a pretty good job of it with "W.A.R." I do think that "Saligia" is a little bit better... I think I found that album more memorable, which makes it stand out a bit more. "W.A.R." goes down a very haunting and brooding path, just listen to the title track. They are also experimenting with track length because the opening track clocks in at over eight minutes. This is a far cry from the early days when songs were only about three minutes long! Interestingly we still get about the same length of music with the album only being a little over half-hour in length. "W.A.R." is still a solid album with lots of great moments, both haunting and intense.

I'm definitely glad Dark Fury has opted to hold out a year to attempt writing something that is, at least, up there in quality to "Saligia". It's definitely a much better option than cranking out albums hoping you can write as well as you did to the prior. I definitely like seeing the extra layer of thought put into the compositions and it makes for an even more solid experience.

Dark Fury - Saligia
Lower Silesian Stronghold, 2010
Genre: Black Metal

1. Superbia
2. Avaritia
3. Luxuria
4. Invidia
5. Gula
6. Ira
7. Acedia

As usual we get another release from Dark Fury this year... the sheer volume of music this band creates is incredible to me sometimes. While I have enjoyed all of their releases so far, there hasn't been that much variation in their style of music. Suddenly "Saligia" comes along to change the game entirely for us. The songs are no longer around three minutes in length, they're now between four and five. With this extra length we get a new breadth of style from Dark Fury, one that I feel is extremely good.

From the first note struck you can tell that this will be a very different experience. You are going to be pulled into an atmosphere that is unlike anything Dark Fury has ever done before. Things go deeper and darker than they have ever done before. "Saligia" is less focused on the usual attack and intensity, rather it is about building a contemplative atmosphere to get lost in this music. This has such a great collection of riffs that I really count this as one of Dark Fury's absolute best releases, not just because it is quite different. Dark Fury has really harnessed their ability to write on this ability to create quite the intoxicating experience.

This is also one of the first times Dark Fury has printed their lyrics. Here some politics comes into the mix, but I wouldn't exactly call it National Socialism... lyrically they stick to criticism of the Christians involvment in their government. This really is a huge problem in Poland, since they've managed to get Blasphemy Laws on the books. Nergal of Behemoth has been in and out of court defending the fact that he destroyed a Holy Bible in concert. I will say I certainly agree with Dark Fury's criticism up to a point and they give us a huge statement in the center of the booklet:

"We do not recognize the notion of sin, as coined by the priests of a jewish deity in order to intimidate the ignorant christian mob; to impose upon the ignorant masses a set of rules allowing for an easier control over them as well as making possible an effective intimidation with the illusory devil and hell, which are to await the christians guilty of those terrible crimes - sins. The question of refraining from sinning by the 'sheep' and the 'shepherds' is laughable, as the latter seem to believe in christian hell and christian heaven as strongly as I do... While listening to this album, mock the hypocrisy of all christians both the priests and the 'faithful'. To sum up I wish to quote one of my friends: 'So without wrath, with scorn only, I spit in your face you christian swine!' To Racial War!"

So he has me up until the very last line "to racial war". I feel like this is utterly frivolous and really has nothing to do with criticism of Christianity. The entire point of that religion is that the gentiles can convert to it and salvation is for everyone not just the Jewish people. This is, naturally, a solid tactic for taking control of all kinds of regions of Europe and that is exactly what was done. Poland having laws against offending Christianity is a direct result of this, but this is nothing to do with "race", so I have no idea where that comes from. It just makes it sound like they have gravely misunderstood the entire point of Christianity.

Either way, in the end this album is really quite spectacular. It has dark immersive riffs and intense blasting sections per usual Dark Fury style.  I think this is one of Dark Fury's shining moments and it will be interesting to see what they attempt to do in the future. Will they attempt to top this release? Or will they realize they've created something extraordinarily special and leave this as the monument to their writing that it is? Whatever comes, I am certainly looking forward to what's next from this project.

Ohtar & Dark Fury Split II
True Underground Productions, 2009
Genre: Black Metal

Ohtar: Necrohate
1. Reconciled (The Whiteness)
2. (Un)fulfillment
3. Infertia (The Yearning)
4. Outro
Dark Fury: Auri Sacra Fames
5. Auri Sacra Fames (The Cursed Lust for Gold)
6. The Wrath
7. The Crimson Fog
8. How Stupid Must One Be?
9. The Bloodied Mud (Your Damned Order)

Side Ohtar: ...coming eventually...
Side Dark Fury:

Despite this split coming on the heals of "The Price of Treason" Dark Fury have added some fairly different sounding elements into their music. The music feels a lot more fleshed out an epic in terms of its writing. The opening track "Auri Sacra Fames" is simply haunting and gorgeous all at once! There's just this extra layer of essence in the songs that was only hinted at in prior recordings. I really hope Dark Fury continues down this line of writing a little longer because it creates and exceptional atmosphere in their music. Sure, the tried and true Dark Fury style is ever present, but we have this slightly more interesting take this time around. Definitely worth getting!

Dark Fury - The Price of Treason
True Underground Productions, 2009
Genre: Black Metal

1. Symbols of Race
2. The Killer of Your Blood
3. In Front of Firing Squad
4. On the Way You Pass
5. The Pain of Purification
6. The Unyielding
7. Seven Candles
8. Storm!
9. The Vermin of Our Times
10. The Song of Treading Death
11. The Taste of Past Days
12. The Price of Treason

Following up "Fortress of Eagles" we find "The Price of Treason" changing from the usual release label of Under the Sign of Garazel. Luckily not much has changed in terms of packaging and design. If anything things can only be improved in this department. While the album covers have always been quite excellent, Dark Fury has never been much interested in having a booklet to look through for their music.

As we can expect, not much has changed on the Dark Fury front. The entire length of the album is a little more robust this time around with the album clocking in at nearly forty-five minutes, which is a more typical running time for an album. One the things I think about "The Price of Treason" that sets it apart in the discography is that it's probably the fastest Dark Fury album to date. They really blast through the songs and its, in general, far more intense than the prior releases. The vocal work tries to attain more of the that vicious high range to complement the more intense music. It never truly gets there, but it is nice to hear the vocals try to be more dynamic in their own right.

By this point you should know what to expect from the likes of Dark Fury. If you've been following this band this long you know what "The Price of  Treason" essentially sounds like... you also can bet that it sounds pretty good.

Dark Fury - Fortress of Eagles
Under the Sign of Garazel, 2008
Genre: Black Metal

1. Brotherhood of Hypocrisy
2. Nightmare
3. Memories
4. Wojenny Krzyk
5. Fortress of Eagles
6. Privilege of Power
7. Scream of Hatred
8. Sowers of Lie
9. Demons of the Past
10. War and Pain!

Another year another Dark Fury installment. "Fortress of Eagles" continues the journey from "Final Solution" almost exactly. I really love the title of this album for some reason, it evokes such a different imagery and the cover really backs up that impression in some ways. Again we have some more slight changes in the mix. This time there are backing vocalists involved with the project adding high end screams into the mix. I must say these elements sound excellent their music. The main reason Dark Fury doesn't feel like an intense attack, is simply because the vocal performance doesn't have that same kind of attack quality other Black Metal bands have. "Fortress of Eagles" touches upon the idea that Dark Fury could easily have this quality in their music if someone else simply took over vocal efforts. Since Dark Fury's traditional vocal style is so rooted in the Rob Darken method, it makes me wonder what Graveland would sound like if they got a real good screamer behind a microphone for parts of their songs.

It appears Dark Fury are fairly locked into a very particular sound with their music at this point in time, so all we can do is sit back and enjoy. Sure this all sounds like the same stuff, but the adherence to a quality performance is being met with every track. There really aren't any other projects around that sound exactly like this, so I'm going to enjoy this for what it is. A well written Black Metal album and I'm not going to waste my time complaining of the lack of variation. As I am usually wont to say, if it's not broken don't fix it.

Dark Fury - Final Solution
Under the Sign of Garazel, 2007
Genre: Black Metal

1. Profanacja
2. Challenge
3. We Will Remember
4. Chaos
5. We're Going to War
6. Flame of Ancestores
7. Final Solution
8. Forgotten Path
9. End of Lies!
10. Fatherland
11. Heritage of Blood

Ever since Dark Fury's material took a turn for the more immense with "Slavonic Thunder" things haven't changed too much in their camp. "Final Solution" doesn't deviate too much from that theme. The title of the album conjures extreme measures, no doubt inspired by the genocidal actions of the Third Reich. However, I, honestly, get the impression from Dark Fury that instead of leveling the hatred towards only one group... I feel like they are a little more liberal in their hatred and point it towards all of humanity. I realize they may sing about White Pride from time to time, but then they'll make statements to how pathetic humanity is. Either way... if you liked "Slavonic Thunder" then there's no reason why you wouldn't also like this album.

"Final Solution" draws a more darker edge which is similar to what we heard on the "Alliance in Hate" split. The vocals are a little low in the mix this time around, but that doesn't bother me too much because their vocal work has never been anything totally stellar. Actually, with it at this level of the mix it lets the musicianship really shine through and we can really bask in how powerful a lot of the guitar passages are.

There actually isn't too much to add to this review beyond what is already written. The songwriting is slightly improved over prior releases though, so I will not complain about that, at all. With every release Dark Fury seems to improve, regardless of how small of the change. At least they are on an upward trend.

Dark Fury/White Devils/War - Alliance in Hate
Garazel Productions/Flagellum Haereticorum Records, 2006
Genre: Black Metal

Dark Fury:
1. 'Till Death
2. We are...
3. In Our Hands
4. No Tolerance
5. Nightly Gloom
6. One of Us
White Devils:
7. Podbój
8. Europejski Koszmar
9. Zwycięstwo Lub Śmierć
10. Nowy Ład
11. Przemoc I Siła
12. Prophecy of a Fallen Angel
13. Faust's Vision
14. Old Prey
15. Presence of Evil

Side White Devils: ...coming eventually...
Side War: here
Side Dark Fury:

It looks like splits are going to be a very frequent occurrence amidst the Dark Fury discography, given how frequently they've been showing up already. For this one six new tracks are submitted, which is an incredible of music when you think about it, in such a short amount of time after a full-length. Dark Fury must be constantly writing and working on material to keep up this seemingly constant rate of writing. This split is limited to 1,000 hand-numbered copies and I own #653.

It sort of goes without saying, but if you liked "Slavonic Thunder" not much has changed in the Dark Fury camp. This is really a continuation of the ideas found on that great release. "Till Death" opens with some spectacular riffing that is soaring and intense all at once. This theme is generally kept up throughout all six tracks. I think they manage to have some more haunting moments than some of the earlier works, like in "Nightly Gloom", but this is a welcome addition to the Dark Fury sound. It gives the powerful sections a more sinister setting in which to work. An excellent continuation of "Slavonic Thunder's" approach.

Dark Fury - Slavonic Thunder
Elegy Records, 2005
Genre: Black Metal

1. Intro
2. My Land
3. Heroes of the Past
4. Born White
5. For Blood and Honour
6. Slavonic Thunder
7. Dark Fury
8. Our Domination
9. Betrayers Among Us
10. I'll never Believe
11. Outro

After hearing "Vae Victis!" I had rather high hopes for the follow-up album "Slavonic Thunder" and none of my hopes were misplaced! While "Vae Victis" was a little more moody in many of its sections "Slavonic Thunder" is a vicious attack. I wasn't expecting this kind of forceful approach musically, especially after the split with Ohtar, but it really shows through in the compositions. Just listen to how "For Blood and Honour" kicks off. Very intense. This time Elegy printed a full booklet for Dark Fury complete with lyrics and everything. However, only one song is written in English "For Blood and Honour".

The white pride is sort of overflowing on this release. They have lines in the lyrics like "I am proud of my heritage. White skin and high culture." Then they have track titles like "Born White", which comes off as sort of ridiculous sounding in some ways. The thing is, I do think they realize no one can help where they're born and to a degree I understand people being proud of their heritage, not just these white guys. The real issue is that this often gets labeled in conjunction with Nazism... yet I don't see any hints of politics on this release. Just your run of the mill racism coupled with being proud of your heritage. I think Dark Fury sees Christianity as an invading force to Poland and they're on the defensive to preserve their culture and protect their peoples. At least that's the impression I'm getting from the music here, especially with tracks like "My Land". I am not trying to justify any racism, I am merely trying to explain what I think their point of view is, which influences their music, and why I don't think it is a clear cut case this is Nazism. You can certainly be a racist and not be a Nazi... you can even be a white supremacist and not be a Nazi. What you can't be is a Nazi who is not a white supremacist. People get way too confused about how these statements work. I will never really understand a pro-Nazi attitude in Poland anyway, I've read "Mein Kampf" and Hitler did not think favorably of the Slavonic people. So, for Dark Fury to take pride in their "Slavonic Thunder" and then tout the tenets of Nazism seems confusing to me...

Okay, content disclaimer discussed. "Slavonic Thunder" is a massive step in the right direction for Dark Fury. The guitar layers are intoxicating this time around. Before they were just good, but this time the interplay between the guitars is superb and really evokes a much more powerful atmosphere. The low growling vocals add a very different feel to the music. Granted they're never as low as what Hate Forest produced, but it adds a slightly different feel to the music. I think there is some healthy influence from the likes of Hate Forest in Dark Fury's approach, since the music is a bit heavier than before and the guitar tone is also much thicker. It creates a tight and dense atmosphere to get lost in.

Unfortunately, this album is over before you know it. It's only around thirty minutes in length, so its a far cry from the epic Black Metal creators over in the Ukraine. It feels like Dark Fury really whips through the nine new Black Metal songs, but it is an incredible ride all the way. I quite enjoy "Slavonic Thunder" a lot more than "Vae Victis!"... so if you did enjoy the debut album, I imagine you will really love this one a lot more.

Ohtar & Dark Fury Split
Blutreinheite Productions, 2005
Genre: Black Metal

Ohtar: Shall I Never Drink the Fulfillment...?
1. Survive to be Reborn
2. Shall I Never Drink the Fulfillment...?
3. Savior, Have You Suffered?
4. Autumnal
Dark Fury: We are the Only Gods
5. Pain
6. Beyond the Gate
7. We are the Only Gods
8. Last Way
9. The New Generation
10. Call of My Ancestores

Side Ohtar: ...coming eventually...
Side Dark Fury:

I'm actually not to sure which was released first, this split with Ohtar or "Slavonic Thunder", but since the material on the split was recorded first, I'm going to list this as being next in line after "Vae Victis!" I was looking forward to some new material after "Vae Victis" and they've started progressing the style founded on there a little bit more. Dark Fury has certainly come a long way since their very first demo.

Even though this comes after the release of the debut full-length, the material on this split still sounds a lot more raw than the debut. I wonder if Dark Fury was just trying out some new material and decided to record some interim material to see how it would turn out. The material on here seems a lot more somber and far more developed than on "Vae Victis!" Just listen to "Last Way" and you'll hear a lot more melancholic style to the riffing, which deviates from the attack style that Dark Fury has been able to wield in many of their recordings. The material on here is actually extremely well done, I really just wish that it was recorded with a little bit better production. I think then they would be able to harness the real power behind these compositions. With tracks like "The New Generation" you can tell he's experimenting with a lot more lead guitar layering in the music to create a far more melancholic mood to the music. Perhaps it was this kind of experimentation that prompted the creation of Thoth a couple years after this split.

If you enjoyed "Vae Victis!" then I would be surprised if you did not enjoy this as well. There is some really stellar material and riffs on this split. Furthermore you get Ohtar material on top of just more Dark Fury, so this is a real win win.

Dark Fury - Vae Victis!
Elegy Records, 2004
Genre: Black Metal

1. Introduction
2. Violence and Pain
3. Wrath
4. Mystery
5. Revenge
6. Vae Victis!
7. Slavonic Pride
8. Aryan Glory
9. Werewolf
10. Unknown God
11. Epilogue

We've finally made it to Dark Fury's debut album and it being released under the banner of the mighty Elegy I had high hopes for this. Frankly, prior to this Dark Fury's material has been such a mixture of good and bad material that anything could have happened with this release.

Since "Vae Victis!" is so close to the release of "Carnivore" I was hoping the guitar work would be on part with that release. I am pleased to report that this is exactly how the guitar work is modeled. The vocal work is much improved too, rather than being a strange low rumbling it actually has some more standard Black Metal flair to it. There is still some clear influence in trying to model the vocals after Rob Darken though, but I think Dark Fury's music doesn't lend itself to Darken's usual slow plodding style. Instead Dark Fury should have a more intense voice at times, which it does manage to do. The guitar compositions is where this stuff really shines though. It has this majestic yet very powerful feel to the music. At times it is just dark and vicious, but it still maintains some heavy influence from a more modern Graveland style.

If you listen to Graveland and wished they had more raging and vicious sounding sections at time Dark Fury is a band you simply must check out. "Vae Victis!" takes the Graveland style and pushes it into different areas, since Dark Fury is not trying to evoke the feeling of majesty through Pagan Black Metal. Instead Dark Fury stays in the more traditional realms, but with a dose of Graveland to their attack. An excellent debut and I look forward to hearing what the projects future brings.

Dark Fury - Carnivore
Self-Released, 2004
Genre: Black Metal

1. Wrath
2. Undead
3. Werewolf
4. On a Foggy Mourning

Its been quite a while since we've heard from Dark Fury at this point. Four years after the split we finally get some new material. The strange part is it was apparently supposed to be released under the name Thor's Hammer... which is probably why this sounds so different from the material on the split.

The recording quality has certainly increased over the past four years. They are either using a drum program or heavily triggered drums, which don't make up for the awesome harshness of the split material. The vocals are entirely different this time around. They're very strange and are just these sort of low growls over the music. I'm not sure how much this approach really works, to be honest. The guitar work is really spectacular though... and that's really the major saving grace for this EP. The guitar work is some really majestic stuff and I really wish this was cast in a more... I want to say typical fashion, because I would prefer the usual Black Metal vocals with real drums. But the vocals are entirely too high in the mix as well, so it kills some of that amazing guitar work. "Carnivore" is an EP that should be magnificent due to ridiculous problems that are easily fixed. I really hope Dark Fury sort out some of these problems for future releases, because they are really on their way to being one of the stronger Black Metal bands around Poland.

Thor's Hammer & Dark Fury Split
Kolovorat Productions, 2000
Genre: Black Metal

Thor's Hammer:
1. May the Hammer Smash the Cross
2. Our Hands Alone
Dark Fury:
3. Youngblood
4. A Blaze of Hatred

Side Thor's Hammer: ...coming eventually...
Side Dark Fury:

After a couple years things have changed quite drastically with Dark Fury. As the new millennium hits they unleash this split cassette with Thor's Hammer, certainly one of the lest Politically Correct projects out there. They've always worn their intense racism out in the open for everyone to see. Perhaps this would stop some people from listening to Dark Fury... but racist or not I do like their music. I also I feel like throughout a lot of the Dark Fury catalog the racism isn't as overwhelming as some other projects I've seen over the years. Instead they focus more on being prideful about who they are.

Either way, the material being shown on this split is really good. Dark Fury are performing with a real drummer now and the music sounds really great. The guitar line opening "A Blaze of Hatred" is really intense and...well... hateful! They've really changed their approach to Black Metal and are working towards writing far more well crafted songs. We still get some serious Graveland influence at parts, but the music is a lot faster and intense compared to what Graveland performs. After hearing these two new tracks I'm quite curious as to how the future of Dark Fury will turn out. If it was just a continuation of "Turning Into Ashes" I may not have been as curious... but with such a drastic change in quality, I want to hear more. Still the music has the ultra raw demo quality to it... so we're not exactly working with a great studio or mix just yet.

Dark Fury - Turning Into Ashes
Self-Released, 1998
Genre: Black Metal

1. From the Darkside of Life
2. War Against Christianity
3. Shadows in the Moonlight

Here begins the long project of reviewing the Dark Fury discography which is quite large by 2014. However, it all began in 1997 with this demo. "Turning Into Ashes" was released on cassette, which I assume is limited to some small quantity. Unfortunately, despite having a lot of demo tapes out of Poland, the Dark Fury material is not in my possession. So I am leveraging the re-released material on the CD "Semper Fidelis" to build a more coherent discography for reviewing.

The early stages of Dark Fury seem to be heavily similar to the early works of Graveland. This probably comes as no surprise because Rob Darken is listed as the engineer on this demo. The drums sound quite programmed though, so it really has a strange feel to it amid the raw production otherwise. The music is extremely raw though and really follows a very general pattern found in Black Metal. This demo is pretty much Graveland worship when Graveland transitioned more into its Black Metal phase, so think more along the lines of "In the Glare of Burning Churches".

It's not a terribly necessary demo to track down and I can see why it is probably overlooked in the history of Black Metal. Dark Fury really haven't hit their stride of really productive releases just yet. These are just the early primitive days and there is certainly more to come in the future.

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