Friday, July 4, 2014

Martwa Aura

Szron & Martwa Aura - Temples of Genocide Worship
Under the Sign of Garazel, 2013
Genre: Black Metal

1. Genocide
2. Worship
Martwa Aura:
3. W Dniu Bez Jutra...
4. ...Ujrzę Cień I Ciemność...
5. ... Albowiem Nic Nie Jest Prawdziwe...

Side Szron: here
Side Martwa Aura: 

People may remember my raving about demo from the band Freezing Blood and my interest in them has eventually lead me to Martwa Aura. So, there was more than just Szron that I was looking for on this release. The drummer and one of the  guitarists play in Freezing Blood. The material on this split was original released in 2012 on their original cassette demo, but since this is exactly the same material, but on CD, I haven't felt compelled to go hunt down the original tape.

Martwa Aura play a very powerful and vicious sounding blend of Black Metal. They really do an excellent job with blending some of the catchier riffs with sheer intensity. All this creating a really monstrous atmosphere that is on par with modern Marduk and bands of that ilk. Their vocalist M.W. gives such a devastating voice to this material, that I'm surprised I don't see him linked with other projects. Their piece of the album closes with some really intensely haunting material and it just makes me wish that Martwa Aura had more than a demo available! This is definitely a band to watch in the future, but check out what they have already produced.

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