Friday, January 4, 2013

Chaos Moon

Chaos Moon - Origin of Apparition
Wraith Productions, 2007
Genre: Black Metal

1. Illusions of Dusk and Dawn
2. Aether Aurora
3. Tenebrific
4. Pale Cast of Thought
5. And So are the Words that Never Made it I
6. And So are the Words that Never Made it II
7. Intro, Timeless Disease
8. Origin of Apparition
9. Outro, Endless Asphyxia

Oh what can I say about Chaos Moon?  They’re a U.S. band so I was naturally apprehensive in my purchase, but the person recommending it assured me it was good music.  Boy was he right.  Despite their namesake this band really isn’t all that chaotic.  Chaotic sounding music would be something like Anaal Nathrakh’s “Codex Necro.”  That’s chaotic.  “Origin of Apparition” is pretty well formulated.

Most of the tracks on this album are absolutely superb.  However the album takes a dive with the song “Pale Cast of Thought.”  Otherwise the album is pretty well written Black Metal.  Chaos Moon, at times, can generate a similar hypnotic affect found in Hate Forest albums; however “Origin of Apparition” is a much thinner sounding album.  Hate Forest is very full and powerful, where Chaos Moon is fiercer sounding.  He manages to keep this atmosphere going through the recording except on “Pale Cast of Thought.”  Unfortunately this track plays into the now rising “emotional” Black Metal sound like Ameoseurs.  This sounds melancholic to the point of it being so far out of place I wonder why it is even on the album, especially since it follows such a spectacular track as “Tenebrific,” which is probably the most terrific track on this album.

The vocal work is probably one of the most stand out parts of this recording because they sound a bit out of place.  It feels like Esoterica is trying to give his music the Varg treatment at times since most of the vocals are high pitched wails and you can’t understand any of what he’s saying.  Typically these aren’t the type of vocals I really go after or get into.  Most of my readers sure know my vocal preference by now, so I’ll dispense with the rest.  Back to the music, I usually don’t use this reference in my review, but I feel forced to use it now, the guitar lines are very cold.  Seriously, to the point where it’s very tangible and it’s really the only word that will do the music justice.  It blends with the fierce feel of the songs as the drums blast through the intense Black Metal passages.  I was seriously pleasantly surprised with this when I got it.

The album is split into four different movements, but it’s anybody’s guess as to why since no lyrics were printed.  Most of the tracks follow the same kind of musical trend so there must be some other underlying concept behind this.

Overall this is a wonderful album.  I will say that the vocals will probably be an acquired taste for most people.  I could see most people losing interest in the overall performance because of them.  Some people might love the vocal work though, but I’m willing to bet that’s not a majority opinion.  Musically though, if you enjoy Black Metal, I really can’t see someone not enjoying this.  The music is very well written and sounds excellent, except for that one song, which we will now forget is on the album.

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