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Typhus - Profound Blasphemous Proclamation
Dark Horizon Records, 2005
Genre: Black Metal

1. Perverse Angelic Masturbation Ejaculation
2. Coprophagic Communion Upon the Holy Altar
3. Anal Rape of the Virgin Mary
4. Typhus Shits in the Mouth of Christ
5. Black Cum Upon the Faces of Angels
6. Profound Blasphemous Proclamation
7. Ritual Semen Sacrament
8. Satanic Goat Fuck Lust
9. Your Savior Caught Drinking the Piss of the Apostles

Well now… what exactly can I say about Typhus. First off I will point out that musically this album is actually quite good. It’s nothing new, nothing revolutionary and I would go so far to say that if you happen to enjoy Horna, you will most likely enjoy Typhus. This isn't exactly the kind of esteem I would pass onto most Black Metal bands from the U.S. and I doubt many can hold a candle to Typhus’ overall musical abilities in the first place.

Now to throw the doors wide open on something concerning this band that happens to be insanely obvious to me, but may not seem so much for the other general public puppets of fifteen and fourteen year olds that want to be considered underground or x-treme in some fashion. Typhus, to me, is an overly Anti-Cult group. What I mean by that is this is designed to, in general, make-fun of the new “cult” Black Metal rave that is sweeping the underground, where it is now compared to how many hand numbered CD’s or Vinyl you own. Furthermore it has developed to become about how many mp3’s you can download of rare Black Metal bands. For example the current rave of listening to Les Légiones Noire Black Metal bands even though most of them are not all that good and only a few actually wrote music I would say was quite excellent. Typhus is designed to entirely make fun of this.

Look at the way the whole thing is presented. It’s marketed to be way over the top, this album personifies every single Black Metal stereotype people talk about and then takes it beyond even that. It has corpse painted band members in the dark holding a candelabra and looking particularly mysterious. Futhermore you have only to look at what each band member performs in the band to see the outrageous statements. “Lord Typhus: Blasphemous chants of possession, church burnings and other Satanic ritualistic crime, Urophilia, caprophagia, six-stringed subliminal subversive entrapment. Moon: Wooden coffins, evil persuasion, carnal doctrines. Nacht: Intestinal lashings, Satanic influence, deception, criminal occult activism.” This is clearly the epitome of being overly pretentious Black Metal to the point where it’s actually quite funny. But the listener doesn't get a real forceful taste of that until you get to the lyrics, which are minimal, but no less over the top in concepts.

The concepts seem to focus on fecal fetishes and cumming on the bodies of angels and/or the virgin Mary, as well as anally raping whatever comes to Lord Typhus’ fancy in his myriad perverse lyrical wanderings. This, lyrically, clearly makes fun of bands that choose to take this similar premise, the only difference being is that Typhus knows what he’s doing isn't realistic and is ridiculous to be saying. Bands such as Wolok fall into this category, where they try to sound serious in their convictions, but come across sounding childish and a sexually distraught teenager. Typhus makes no illusion that it is overly silly to write in this fashion, the lyrics are no more than a few lines repeated over and over again. I mean look at “Black Cum Upon the Faces of Angels,” that song is a mere five lines lyrically and repeated over and over again, how can this logically be serious? Typhus is either making fun of this new cult interest in Black Metal or he is an incredibly stupid and uneducated man. He does not happen to be the latter, I assure you. I would say he wanted to take what was already becoming popular and make it more profane than anything else, as if saying “if you think writing in an overly sexual fashion is cool, look at this blasphemy!” Then he went and marketed it as to be the most over the top Black Metal album there was, which for essential purposes it is, then the public would eat it up. Again… this is precisely what happened. We are dealing with one smart fellow; he marketed, presented, and played up the image of the album exactly as the underground is asking for. Which, to be honest, is probably the most blasphemous thing of all, to not hide the ridiculous things you say and sell it based on that premise then make a killing on it in sales!

One thing he did do was give the buying public good music in the end though. So regardless of what you say about his marketing plan, he did release a good product musically. Interestingly the first song was not my favorite; I think “Caprophagic Communion Upon the Holy Altar,” “Ritual Semen Sacrament,” and “Your Savior Caught Drinking the Piss of the Apostles” were my favorite tracks. The opening of the second track is superb with a really killer drum beat to go with it (I think he should have played this riff in the song more), and somewhat goes into an awkward melodic transition, but then shifts into a very Horna styled sequence that just brings it together for me. “Ritual Semen Sacrament” has this killer opening riff that does get played more than once and is reminiscent of a Kampfar sequence to me. Then the closing track opens with an excellent acoustic sequence. I've noticed Typhus is very good at writing opening riffs. Despite the foolish lyrical aspects, and overly ridiculous song titles, the vocals and music are great. One of the highlights of this album is the vocal performance, which gives you that cold chilling sound with heavy reverb behind the harsh voice. Lord Typhus also has interesting sequences of howling moans that fade into the background of the music in certain songs that give it a strange atmosphere. At first I didn't like them as much, but I guess in the end they fit the music. If he had done them excessively I think it would have gotten annoying, but they never do. The other musicians on the album did excellent as well. Bass always takes a background place for me, sorry to all you bassists out there, it’s unfortunately true and I don’t see it stand out in music very much. The drums on the album were perfect in matching every guitar line. The drummer actually reminded me of Horna styled drumming, which I suppose that is fitting because the guitars held that for me as well.

Anyway, to end this all off, this is a great album musically. If you're someone that buys things because of marketing hype, you’ll probably enjoy this all the more because you are probably a sheep and can't think on your own and you might as well become a Christian in that regard. (Nota Bene: Typhus would probably hate you personally; however, he will gladly take your money.) The only thing I think you can truly take seriously on this album and walk away with is the Anti-Christian aspect. Then again, not many Christians seek to get into Black Metal anyway, unless you're Antestor, in which case I’m not sure why you haven't been murdered yet… whatever, just because I haven’t been over the top in marketing this album yet I’ll close with this… Satanic Onslaught Death Christian Scum 666 Fuck off!

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