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Gosforth - ...God Failed
Black Blood Production, 2002
Genre: Black Metal

1. ...God Failed
2. Call from Beyond the Grave
3. Death is Better than Life
4. Eternal Devotion

This is really where my Gosforth collection begins.  The music from "Lyderhorn" was clearly good enough to get noticed by someone out there and now Black Blood Production has stepped in to release their second demo.  The quality is clearly a much higher caliber this time around!

The music feels a lot more complete than the prior demo.  At the very least they have given serious consideration to writing material with longer track lengths.  I feel this has given them the ability to write stronger arrangements for the guitars.  The guitar work is much stronger this time around, albeit they're probably nothing that new to Black Metal.  They have certainly considered adding more atmosphere into their music and during the tracks we'll hear slight touches of ambiance like bells being used in "Death is Better than Life."  This isn't a straight blast beat ridden demo either, Gosforth slows things down for almost all of "Eternal Devotion."  For some reason the slowed down rhythm reminded me of something Beherit put out.  Unfortunately, I thought this was the weakest track because I found their faster material to be much stronger.

The booklet and cassette are both professionally pressed.  Strangely the label felt the need to print their stringent requirements in the booklet.  "No trends, no melody, no gothic, no keyboard oriented shit, no clean female vocals, no posers, no clowns, no rip-off, no christians, no jewish, no muslims here... ONLY PURE FUCKING ARMAGEDDON."  At this point I find some of this stuff a little silly, although I do sort of have fond memories of seeing this written all over my Black Metal years ago.  Like "no melody", even the harshest of Black Metal bands have some melody in their music at times.  Female vocals can also sound very good if well arranged and I have a hell of a lot of respect for women who can pull off both types of vocals.  I certainly agree on all the religious points, Black Metal is not for any of that.  Either way this label put out a good product and I am glad to have a copy of it.

I think Gosforth put together a very promising demo this time around and I think we should all look forward to where this band is going in the future.  I think this shows the band is definitely ready to start recording a full length in the near future.

Gosforth - Lyderhorn
Self-Released, 2001
Genre: Black Metal

1. Dawn of a Funeral
2. Lyderhorn
3. Ancient Knowledge

So my friend Sam pulled her resources together and actually managed to find the mp3's of this demo.  Naturally this demo is long gone, so I must resort to reviewing what I can if I hope to review the full discography.

Gosforth's first demo is a very primitive sounding type of Black Metal.  It's very raw and fairly basic in terms of the writing.  It reminds of the days of early Darkthrone.  There is almost no layering in the guitars and it just generates that early 90's Black Metal feel when the genre was first being invented.  The music isn't really all that bad, it's just very general Black Metal, so there really isn't much to describe because everyone that listens to Black Metal should understand what the early 90's sounded like.

The production actually isn't that bad for a demo.  You really can hear everything just fine.  The drums overwhelm the mix a little bit here and there, but at least it isn't a constant problem.  The vocals may overwhelm the guitar at times, but again, I sort of expect this with early demo material to some degree.

In the end this is certainly not something you have to hear.  It's an all too typical beginning for a band that would get a lot better over time.  I was just curious to see where they started out.  It is interesting to see that bands post-2000 can still start out in the very early vein.  I don't know if they were trying to fully emulate that sound or they just did it because that's the type of writing they were capable of.

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