Friday, January 4, 2013

Dimension Zero

Dimension Zero - Silent Night Fever
Regain Records, 2001
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Thrash

1. Silent Night Fever
2. The Murder-Inn
3. Through the Virgin Sky
4. Your Darkest Hour
5. Not Even Dead
6. They are Waiting to Take Us
7. Until You Die
8. End
9. Slow Silence

Alright now this is the direction In Flames should have gone after “Whoracle.”  “Silent Night Fever” is easily ten times better than “Colony,” which is an album I don’t even think is worth buying, never mind listening to.  Now wait a minute why am I talking about In Flames so much because isn’t this a Dimension Zero review?  Well this band boasts In Flames’ guitarist Jesper Stromblad.  This album just proves to me that he has not lost his metal edge and just makes it look like In Flames are even more into music for the money than ever before.

So what does the music sound like?  One word: AWESOME!  This is probably by far one of the best Melodic Death Thrash albums I’ve ever heard.  Seriously when I think of Thrash influenced Death Metal this is what I want to hear.  I don’t care if they use a similar formula as other bands.  I want something that’s going to make me shake my head and get into the music, which is basically how Thrash Metal is designed.  It’s not supposed to be futuristic or blended with techno.  No it’s got to have fast guitars, fast drumming and some guy yelling incoherently at the top of his lungs.  Dimension Zero executes these requirements with skilled and succinct perfection.  They throw in some melodic passages here and there to make the songs more memorable than they already are.     

This is not the type of album you should order online and listen to in your room by yourself though.  Go to your local music store buy it and listen to it on the way home.  As soon as you put this in your CD player, hit play and hear “Let’s Fucking Go” to one of the catchiest guitar lines ever, you will be glad you heeded my advice. As soon as I did this I said to myself “Goddamn this is by far one of the best driving CD’s in my entire collection.”  Okay if you want to buy this album online if you want... but you're missing out.

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