Thursday, April 25, 2013

Deathcult (Swi)

Deathcult - Pleading for Death... Choking on Life
Me Saco un Ojo Records, 2014
Genre: Death Metal

1. Endless Ravenous
2. The Drunkard in the Sky

After such an incredible demo I was very excited when I saw Deathcult were releasing some new music. Unfortunately, we only get two new songs from the band, but one is an eleven minute epic. Still after two years I wanted more music, naturally. However, I do prefer a band focus on quality over quantity and if this is what Deathcult are aiming for I'll happily wait longer! These tracks are actually fairly different compared to the demo and I feel like they've cleaned up their sound a lot more, but that works quite well for what we've gotten.

For Deathcult it is still 1989 and they are one of the few bands currently playing that really manage to capture that extremely early Death Metal sound. The music on here is heavily rooted in that early Swedish sound, so fans of early Entombed, Dismember, etc please inquire! Not only is the music written in that vein they've managed to resurrect this old production sound, it's truly amazing. I feel like they went and bought all the old equipment from Sunlight Studios, that's how true to the old sound they are. To really shine on that old time feel they've released this album on a beautiful 12" vinyl with lyric insert. The version I purchased is the red vinyl, even though the other colors were more rare, I felt red was the more appropriate choice for me.

The unbridled chaotic sound from the demo is a lot more controlled on this release, but it really oozes with that special atmosphere bands like Entombed have long given up for their more modern sounds. I can't think of a band currently playing like Deathcult is today, at least not nearly as true to the original sound! The real shining point on this release is "The Drunkard in the Sky", it really hits the atmospheric edge perfectly. I really never thought an eleven minute track in this vein, but Deathcult manage to compose something interesting and crushing.

The release of this comes with a bit of tragedy. This is to be the last recording with D. Virgin Killer on bass, for he has recently passed from cancer. It is a real shame and hopefully the band can find a suitable replacement. This album is dedicated to his memory.

In the end if you truly miss the old days of Death Metal then this is a must hear. They nail every aspect of the sound perfectly and all I can ask is for them to write and record more music! I look forward to whatever Deathcult has in store for us next.

Deathcult - Demo '12
Invictus, 2012
Genre: Death Metal

1. Intro
2. Deathcult
3. Beasts of Faith
4. Deus Bonus Est

It's pretty rare for me to hear new demos where I listen to a sample of an upcoming release and say "I need to get this demo".  I really don't remember how I stumbled upon this project, I think I was looking up the German Deathcult that did a split with Katharsis, but that led me to this incredible Swiss outfit.  When I heard "Beasts of Faith" I realized I had to track this down immediately!  If I remember correctly the first version of this demo was limited to 100 copies and swiftly sold out, I believe I have gotten the in on the second pressing and I don't remember that limitation.  I think the pressings are basically identical.  This comes on a pro-printed tape with a pro booklet and if you think that cover looks like an old school Death Metal cover... Deathcult is everything you expect!

If Deathcult's cover is making you reminisce about the late 80's Swedish Death Metal scene of early Dismember, Entombed and Unleashed then you are definitely feeling the same way I am.  So many bands try to capture the tone and feel of this time period, maybe not for creative purposes, but for the wonderful nostalgic feeling one gets from hearing it.  Unfortunately almost no one have been able to really pull this off very well.  Most bands just sound contrived and come across as pretentious to some degree.  Deathcult is the exception we have all been waiting for.  I am so glad to hear a band like this operating, because I won't be hearing anything from Repugnant again.  Their "Epitome of Darkness" album was my go to place for this old school sound, but it sounds like Deathcult are the successors to that throne!  Deathcult's sound really captures that time frame when people were starting to think beyond Thrash Metal and it was splitting into the different realms of Black and Death Metal.  People weren't quite sure where to go with the genre, all they knew was it needed to be faster and heavier!  Every song has this feel, they have these ultra catchy sections that are stripped right from a Thrash concept, but amped up to give it that extra power.

The production on this demo is not pristine.  Nor should it be.  Deathcult sounds ugly and vicious.  It's recorded just well enough for us to hear all the instruments and understand what's going on.  I would be very disappointed if they put out a full length and their production was cleaner.  With the sound on this demo the production is simply perfect.  It's harsh, it's raw, and it will rip you apart!

Just listen to "Beasts of Faith" below and try to tell me that it doesn't sound like 1990 on there!  Sure, this is nothing new to the scene, but frankly no one does it this good, not since the early days at least.  If you've only been exposed to the more modern days of Metal, I think Deathcult is an excellent band to give you a feel of the earlier days all the older Metal-Heads like myself reminisce about.  The production is probably a bit cleaner than the early tape recorded demo days, so this will likely be more accessible.  I truly hope a full length is in the works and I really can't wait to hear something more from this band.

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