Friday, April 26, 2013


Necrovomit/Mefitic - Misled Conjunction of Evil
Drakkar Productions, 2010
Genre: Black/Death Metal

1. SatAnalChrist
2. Necrophiliac Suicide
3. Nuclear Messiah
4. Declaration of Misery
5. Deserts of Wounds
6. Impure Blessings (Dark Angel of the Four Wings) (Demoncy Cover)

Side Mefitic: here
Side Necrovomit:

Well the reason I am reviewing this is strictly because of Mefitic.  I'll be completely honest, Necrovomit definitely wasn't my thing.  They play a much thrashier version of Black/Death Metal and the opening track "SatAnalChrist" starts off the same scream you'd hear from Tom Araya on Slayer's song "Tormentor".  While that conjured up fond memories of my childhood, it didn't keep that up as their songs progressed.  Sometimes I really appreciate Thrash elements in my metal, such as Desaster, but I felt Necrovomit was a bit more on the chaotic side for my tastes.  There isn't too much I can say about them since they're not really doing anything wrong, they're just performing a style I'm not into.  I had a feeling I wouldn't be as into it because I found the track titles a little juvenile and the art associated with them is pretty crazy.  I guess it all fits with what they are playing, so if you're into unbridled madness Necrovomit might be for you.

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