Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hell United

Previously Known as Eclypse

Hell United - Extra-Strength of the Obscure
Gorification Musix, 2007
Genre: Black Metal

1. Introit: Miserere
2. Extra-Strength of the Obscure
3. Too Pity, Too Profane
4. Great Expiatory's Suicide
Eclypse: Omen (1999)
5. Omen - Reality's Dark Dream
6. Reflection Inserted to Eternity

I would say "out of the ashes of Eclypse", but pretty much every member in Hell United was involved in that project in some capacity.  So what's the difference?  Well in Eclypse they tried to do a blend of Black Metal and Death Metal, but with the launch of Hell United they've dropped all elements of Death Metal.  Based on Eclypse's full length and listening to this demo I can say this turned out to be quite an excellent decision on the bands behalf.

While "Applause" was an alright album, the Eclypse project just didn't have the presence Hell United seems to have.  I think this is an interesting switch to see because I see a lot of Black Metal bands switching to Death Metal, rather than the other way around such as Bloodthorn and Behemoth for example.  The Death Metal influence can sometimes be heard in riffs during "Great Expiatory's Suicide".  Hell United manage to clearly generate an excellent and foreboding atmosphere in their music.  However, Hell United are fast and vicious as Eclypse was.  I feel like the interplay between the lead and rhythm guitars got more thoughtful in the way they compose these songs.  They had that in Eclypse too, but I think it stands out more here and enhances the music so much more.

As a bonus on this release they've included the first demo from Eclypse.  I think the songs on "Omen" are actually very good.  The two tracks are far more Black Metal than the other Eclypse material I've heard, so it does fit within the realm of Hell United pretty well.  However, there really is no contest here that the Hell United tracks are a lot better.  "Omen" is a little slower and not nearly as vicious sounding as the Hell United material.

I'm not sure if my tape has issues with it or if there's production problems.  Or hell... if there was an issue in creating the copies of the tape.  But things are a little fuzzy on this demo.  It's definitely not ideal listening, but you can certainly tell that in a well produced setting this band will truly shine!  However, my tape may have been copied with a volume level that was quite too high.  It really feels like everything on the recording is peaking.  The only reason I think it might be a dub or recording is is because the "Omen" part of the demo sounds fine.

In the end when you see Hell United be prepared for a dark and violent journey into their world.  While this demo may not have had the best production, I can only imagine their full length studio works are going to be some of the more compelling Black Metal being made in Poland today!

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