Saturday, April 6, 2013

Goatreich 666

Goatreich 666/Mefitic Split
Drakkar Productions, 2008
Genre: Black Metal

Goatreich - Paintime:
1. In the Middle of Burning Churches
2. Grimhook Satan's Deathorns
Mefitic - Poisonous Transcendence:
3. Ecce Crux Domini, Fugite artes Adversae
4. Poisonous Transcendence
5. Carnal Penitence

Side Mefitic:here
Side Goatreich 666:

The reason I found myself purchasing this split is because I really like what Mefitic has to offer as a band.  Splits are usually a hit or miss situation and liking one of the bands doesn't always mean you will enjoy the other.  I feel this is the case for Goatreich 666 and me.  While I enjoy a lot of Black Metal, I realize there are representations of the genre that don't appeal to me very much.  I tend to prefer less chaotic sounding music and I think Goatreich 666 fall into being a bit too chaotic for my tastes.

Goatreich 666 basically assault your senses from the minute you hit play.  It's like an explosion of Black Metal going off and whirlwinds through the two tracks.  I haven't heard anything prior to this recording from the band, so I don't know if this is representative of what they are attempting to capture.  I like some fairly intense Black Metal, but this came across as a giant mess to me.  This is probably majorly due to the vocal performance which didn't appeal to me at all.  There's this strange effect on the vocals.  It's a little more than the standard reverb to me, that or this guys voice is actually really high and ear piercing...

The production quality of the songs is pretty faulty.  The guitars are very poorly mixed in the song, they're way too far away.  The guitars are also using a very thin tone, which is fine, but in the mix the bass overtakes them.  This only adds to the fact this sounds a bit overwhelmingly messy to me.

In the end... I can't see myself seeking out any of their prior works.  This wasn't for me at all, but listen to the sample below because some people might find this a very good band.

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