Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lucifugum (Esp)

Lucifugum - Invade
War is Imminent, 2000
Genre: Black Metal

1. Intro
2. Nocturnal
3. Those Chaos from the Giants
4. The Dark Eyes of Satan
5. Ethereozol
6. Where the Ancient Thoughts Pass the Dead Sky
7. Moongrinder
8. Holocaust from the Blazed Lands
9. In Satan We Trust
10. Vers la Nit

I have to squash the rumors now; I know they’ve been circulating since the release of this album.  This album actually manages to invade nothing at all.

Well… I’ve already conveyed all relevant information regarding this release.  Yet, if you insist, I shall force myself to do a slightly more in-depth analysis, punctuated by three main points:

  1. The vocalist is bad.

I’m not talking about Arioch trying to be Legion bad either.  I’m speaking of “had the vocalist ever spoken prior to recording this album?” then it would be known he should have never opened his mouth.  The kindest assessment of the vocal performance is, laughable.  Nothing says Black Metal like “HAHAHAHA” to start off a song and then about several more times per song.  The vocal pitch is apt to change without warning, instantly switching from bad to terrible without preamble.  This, above all, probably creates a far more terrifying effect to the listener than is customary when being exposed to a Black Metal vocal performance.  The worst part is in the first song “Nocturnal” when layered under the harsh vocals there is some spoken word sequence that doesn’t go with the harsh vocals or music at all and actually leaves the listener terrified at the lack of sense it makes to do something like that.  Absolutely chilling.

  1. I have no idea what they are talking about

There is a song on this album called “Those Chaos from the Giants”.  You’d be hard pressed to find a more terrible name for a song.  And I must digress; I barely found those giants the least bit chaotic, to be honest.  I felt I had seen giants that have been capable of far more chaos than is presented here.  The chaotic part of the song might have actually happened when out of nowhere some techno drum beat comes in the middle making the whole composition far more nonsensical.  Regardless, the lyrical content that any experienced listener can decipher without a lyrics sheet can plainly hear that the lyrical content makes almost no sense. It is as mindless and trite as the most basic of thoughts.

  1. Generic, Generic, Generic

And naturally we come down to the overall musical composition present throughout the album.  From a musicians stand point the songs aren’t horribly played by any means, the riffs are actually fairly decent at times.  The problem I run into… this is by far nothing the least bit new.  This is the kind of Black Metal you hear advertised as “played in the tried and true vein.” Tried and true sure, but boring as all hell at the same time.  They sacrifice musical ingenuity for stagnation.  I don’t even hear any new presence in the essence or atmospheres of the song structures.  The only thing here that killed the overall performance is the vocals; the music would have been far more tolerable with a more sensible vocalist.  However, please note that a different vocalist in no way would make this recording any less generic.  They could have Iblis behind the microphone for all I care, that wouldn’t make this album anymore exciting, though I’d probably wonder why Iblis agreed to lay down vocal tracks for this in the end.

That pretty much sums up this entire release in three concise points.  I should point out that there might be some confusion about this Lucifugum and the Lucifugum from the Ukraine.  The Ukrainian group is far superior to this one and should you accidentally purchase this album in the thoughts that this is the Ukrainian band then please look further.  This is the only release from the Spanish group so the next Lucifugum you acquire should be from the Ukraine, you can suppose it’s like a trial and error process here.  Either way, avoid this album if you can, it’s nothing new, it’s nothing exciting and you may listen to this once, put it on the shelf then never hear it again.  Save your time and money.

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