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Magister Dixit

Magister Dixit - Infernal Martyrism
Galy Records, 2004
Genre: Black Metal

1. Souldrilled to Infernal Martyrism
2. The Stone has Spoken...
3. Rebellion of the Unholy Mindfucked
4. The Hunchback
5. Hyldeon's Destiny (The Curse of Azagath Pt. V)
6. The Mitgon Race (The Curse of Azagath Pt. VI)
7. Civilizations of the New Days
8. Join the Circle of Eternal Thoughts

Well this year I have thoroughly enjoyed most of the music coming out of France, so, on a whim I decided to check out a band from the North American France, Québec.  Unfortunately they don’t hold up to the real thing, but musically these guys are great.  The things that pulled me into purchasing this album was their band name and the album cover.  From these two things I thought I would get some fairly high quality occult oriented Black Metal.  Needless to say, this is not what I got for my purchase.

Musically these guys are splendid.  They really want to have parts of their songs be reminiscent of Emperor, except this band is a lot more chaotic in structure.  They switch between the usual harsh Black Metal vocals and clean vocals.   This is okay, I usually don’t enjoy clean vocals, but they sounded fine this band.  Unfortunately, at certain times the clean vocals just sound off from the music and probably shouldn’t even be there.  The guitar work is phenomenal and reminds me quite a bit of The Ancient’s Rebirth.  If anyone remembers who they are, they are a Black Metal band that is unnecessarily complex in it’s arrangements and Magister Dixit do them some serious justice if they were influenced by them.  There is a lot to take in on this album; they mix up the raging Black Metal songs with some excellent acoustic atmosphere.  Some of the guitar riffs are incredibly catchy and fit so perfectly with the song and vocals.  The vocal performance is nothing to really brag about.  Most of the time they sound great, but some tracks like “Civilizations of the New Days” have a horrible vocal performance.  The production on some tracks is markedly different from others because they recorded it at different intervals.  It’s a shame they couldn’t keep the vocals the same, because otherwise the songs sound decently similar.  Finally, the drumming is superb, but for some reason I can’t help but get the feeling that it’s a little out of whack at some sections.  Not that it’s off time by any means, just it feels a little wrong.  Such as the drummer should have chosen a different arrangement, however, the overall performance is decently impressive.

Now where Magister Dixit completely falls apart for me is when I looked over their lyrics.  These have to be some of the most ridiculous and inconsequential lyrics for a Black Metal band I have ever seen.  Forget the broken English, that’s not their native language and that’s perfectly fine.  Their lyrical concepts simply take the cake.  Starting off with “The Stone has Spoken” throughout the song no one ever learns what in the world the stone actually is or what has been spoken.  Alas we never learn what the stone has to say about this baffling concept.  Now the winner of dumbest Black Metal lyrics so far to my eyes is “Rebellion of the Unholy Mindfucked.”  Now, is it just me or do these seem vaguely reminiscent of something I heard off the debut Slipknot album?  Mostly I gather this song is discussing how they think overall the people in society are idiots.  Well thank you Captain Obvious for that amazing realization.  I had no idea the general public was fucking stupid!  It took your inspiring words for me to see the light… obviously you are the messengers.  Shut up.  The reason I’m getting angry about this song is that “Rebellion of the Unholy Mindfucked” is by far the best song musically on this album.  It’s catchy, it’s technical, and it has riffs that remind me of Satyricon… thus brilliance from a musical perspective.  Moving on to an equally horrible song is “The Hunchback.”  This reminds me more of an Emo song lyrically.  I suppose they could save some face that they were trying to think from the hunchback’s perspective.  However, it seemed to allude how society would judge the clothes a Black Metal fan would wear. It reminds me of something I would hear about by a depressed High School student.   I’m probably wrong, whatever, the song was terribly written.  The final point we get to is the continuation of their story line from their debut album called “The Curse of Azagath.”  I’m thoroughly convinced after reading these lyrics that this is based on a Dungeons and Dragons game the band played together.  I mean I have nothing against D&D, I play it myself, but this game must’ve been rather boring honestly.  It seemed like only one guy in the band wanted to play the heroic Paladin.  And they sort of made a mistake at this point, they said something about how the Mitgon race and their endless war didn’t seem so bad.  I believe this was from the Paladin’s point of view; anyway, a Paladin would have been disgusted by a race like this.  Paladins by nature believe that there are the embodiment of goodness for their good aligned god.  Just to give you guys a hint for when you write more parts for another Magister Dixit album or finish off your D&D game.

Suffice to say, I thought this album was a worthy listen overall.  Just stay away from the lyrics book and you as a listener will remain very happy with the album.  It took them four years to get this album together for their debut and needless to say I think they could have spent some extra time putting thought into their lyrics.  They kind of broke two of my Cardinal Laws of Black Metal lyrics.  First off they discussed how the general public acts and how the band is smarter and therefore the public doesn’t understand them as people.  This is reminiscent of teenage drivel.  Black Metal is supposed to be above this kind of crap lyrically.  Second they discussed how they are “different” and how they feel sad about being judged in the “The Hunchback.”  Okay, you’re supposed to be warriors here.  Black Metal is supposed to be a war oriented musical genre, be proud of that.  Anyway, most of the other lyrics are strong and talk about war and conquering, which are very usual topics.  If you’re looking for some highly technical musicianship that is put together fairly well, this is a band to watch in the future.

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