Saturday, December 22, 2012


Sieghetnar - Verfallen und Verendet
Nordsturm Productions, 2006
Genre: Black Metal

1. ...Vom Verfall Der Firmamente
2. In Gedanken Schon Verendet
3. Verwüstung
4. Verzweiflung
5. Gebrechlichkeit

I, obviously, purchased this based on the cover, albeit simple. It’s just a decaying empty room with just some Hebrew script written on the cover. Sometimes simplicity is very effective. Judging by the Hebrew script all over this album I figured that this might be another religious Black Metal band. There aren't any lyrics and the music doesn't create that same mesmerizing feel you get with the bands that create the atmosphere of a mind bending experience, so I wouldn't term this band as such. Apparently the Hebrew script used on this album isn't really Hebrew and they are just merely using Hebrew glyphs. It may actually be written in German, or something else, the band has not disclosed that.

Sieghetnar play a very hypnotic style of Black Metal and from time to time they’ll mix in some keyboards in the background. The keyboards are very far in the background so this could barely be termed as Symphonic Black Metal. Overall it’s not bad, but it really doesn't command your attention and probably has more of an effect like background noise. I think the reason for this is best described as follows: let’s say you take Hate Forest and their particular brand of hypnotic Black Metal and really thin out the guitar. See, Hate Forest kind of commands the listener’s attention because the guitars and drums are so powerful and they really draw you in, but Sieghetnar's guitar tone is a lot thinner and weak by comparison. Don’t get me wrong, this is excellent music to play in the background, but you’ll never pick this up and show someone because it is simply amazing. The vocal work is also a bit more in the background of the mix as well, only playing up the minimal aspect of the music. Sieghetnar's music really lacks any general direction of its music and doesn't actually bring the listener anywhere; however, I think this was the actual point of their composition, so technically they have succeeded. Most of the tracks have a fairly epic length and at this point I still have fairly mixed feelings about the whole thing. I’m honestly not sure who I would recommend this to. The only track that seems to bear any resemblance to some other bands is “Gebrechlichkeit” and that has a bit of an Ithdabquth Qliphoth feel to it.

I guess if you’re really into a minimalist hypnotic style of Black Metal this is something you should seek out right away. I think it’s actually very well done for what it is, but it’s honestly something I wouldn't pull out and listen to very often. Compared to other bands I have heard that perform a similar style I would choose those over this, but if you really can’t get enough of this particular brand of Black Metal then this is surely something you will want to hear.

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