Thursday, December 20, 2012


Trimonium - Fight for the Clan
Self Released, 2000
Genre: Black Metal

1. Fight for the Clan
2. Trimonium
3. Hass in Mir
4. The Path through the Northern Lands
5. Immortal Visions

Unfortunately this is another demo situation I wasn't able to personally acquire  even though I would very much like to.  I did manage to locate the mp3's, so take that as you will.  I figured I would review it for the sake of completeness, plus I love Trimonium's later releases.

The recording quality is not very good, but you can hear everything relatively speaking at least.  This demo kicks off with "Fight for the Clan" where the band hits open chords while the drummer does some crazy drum sequences.  It sounded cool...but when the drummer finished they kept hitting open chords and really killed the feel.  This wait was far too long between hitting play and when the song actually kicked off.  With the vocalists cry of "Fight for the Clan" we really begin this demo.  I really love Trimonium's guitar lines they sound epic and traditional, but still pure Black Metal at the same time.  I don't know why but their music may have a slightly different feel than a lot of other bands out there.  This is great for Germany, because Germany has been composing some real top notch Black Metal as of late.

The mix isn't so great and the drums a little too loud.  The vocals are actually very quiet compared to everything else, so it's tough to discuss those.  The guitars are just loud enough to hear the kind of melodic styled riffing Trimonium is known for.  I have no idea why this feels different, because it clearly isn't breaking all that much new ground... maybe it will be more clear with some studio work.

Unfortunately I think the tape these mp3's are ripped from may have had some damage.  At least I hope all the originals don't sound like this.  My version of "Trimonium" has this real annoying sound that seems to coincide with a guitar... so maybe it's just the way the demo sounds.  Either way the songs have generally all the same feel and it's different enough to make it quite interesting.  I can see why they got picked up very quickly after putting this demo together.

I couldn't find any samples on Youtube, sorry.

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