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Changed Name to: Total War

War - We are War
Necropolis Records, 1999

1. War
2. We are War
3. Soldiers of Satan
4. Rapture 2
5. Ave Satan
6. Kill God
7. 666
8. Infernal
9. Hell
10. Execution
11. Bombenhagel (Sodom Cover)

This is the second effort by War and a lot of controversy has gone on about it.  Such as the fact that the band never intended for it to be released, simply one of the many rumors I’ve heard about this.  The line-up is slightly different this time around and it is much less of a super group, only boasting three prominent members in the extreme Black Metal scene.  After the first album “Total War” I was hoping for something similar and just as good, however, with “We are War” this is not the case.

Now I believe the point of War is to be completely improvised music, meaning they make it up as they go along, for those who don’t know.  War does a good job at putting this together, if that is indeed how they compose their songs.  Though, I must point out that I’m a musician as well and some of the parts are synchronized in a way that I don’t see them composing this offhand in the studio, rather I’m sure there was practicing involved of some kind, at the very least with the drums. 

Blackmoon’s guitar work this time around is much more boring in my opinion and just overall more drab in terms of composition.  Impious is the guitarist named Martin Larsson from In Aeternum for those missing out on that aspect, but he only played bass on this album unfortunately.  Maybe if Impious and Blackmoon had a rhythm and lead guitar approach the songs would have come out sounding far more interesting.  The songwriting isn’t nearly as catchy as on “Total War.”  Yes they did indeed fail to compete with tracks like “I am Elite,” which honestly made the first album a great listen in my opinion.  All’s vocal performance on this album also seems to be less passionate in comparison.  If the band never wanted this album released, I can surely understand why.  I can’t say there is anything memorable on this release at all.

A more interesting note, now that I’m writing this in the year 2004.  Necropolis Records has since gone under and no longer produces albums.  However, a last attempt involved combining this release with War’s first album for something called “We are… Total War.”  The band also had to change its name because there was an American band from the 1960’s also called War.  So the Black Metal War changed their name to Total War, but they haven’t exactly released anything since this album came out.  Nor do I think they’ll be putting out anything anytime soon, so don’t hold your breath.  However, Blackmoon has his solo project Infernal, which honestly is much better than War, even though the first War effort was great catchy and fairly raw Black Metal.

So finally, the now called Total War albums probably can no longer be obtained.  However, the only one worth mention is their first mini-CD “Total War.”  This one can basically be overlooked; a listener won’t be missing out on much for this release.

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