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Wolok - Servum Pecus
Eerie Art Records, 2006
Genre: Black Metal

1. Mesmerize (Absurd Introduction)
2. Memento Finis
3. Apex of Mockery
4. Phallus Absconditus
5. Mankind Euthanasia
6. Wormz
7. Voice of God (Futile Conclusion)

This is another recording from Lord Naggaroth, who also released the Devilish Era material and this is also Wolok’s second full length.  At this point I have to say… I need to stop buying material from this guy.  I hate his music.  The distro I got this from didn’t say it was related to Devilish Era, had I known… I never would’ve bought this, though I will say musically this album is a better Black Metal performance than Devilish Era.  Other than that… this is just equally terrible and I know this guy couldn’t care less about what a reviewer thinks as it clearly states in Devilish Era, but I need to start being more careful of what I buy from this area now.

Okay… I’m actually confused at this point.  I think this musician is making a random attempt at playing some kind of experimental Black Metal.  The “experimental” parts seem to be restricted to making extremely annoying random noises on the keyboard over traditional Black Metal sequences.  Things get a bit drone oriented in the track “Mankind Euthanasia,” which is a twelve minute epic, but other than that the music is your general and average Black Metal performance with no interesting variations or even sounding all that special in the first place.  The vocals, as a whole, are nothing to get excited about.  In the epic track there’s lots of talking styled vocals through a processor that are vaguely reminiscent of the spoken word parts in a Gorgoroth track, but the standard Black Metal vocals, which are the majority of the album, are so incomprehensible that there is generally no real purpose to there even being lyrics.  The lyrics are in English for the most part, but this reminds me of trying to decipher which words are being vocalized on Suffocation’s “Effigy of the Forgotten,” it’s almost impossible, so even with the lyrics there’s no hope in possibly following along.

The lyrics for the album, though incomprehensible in the recording, are by far the most laughable part for me.  I’ll first point out that the lyrics for “Memento Finis” are actually pretty good, too bad they don’t have a good song to go with in the end of things, but all the others are suitable for a laugh.  “Apex of Mockery,” towards the end of the first verse gets into the coprofagia with “Coprophiliac deeds with the faithful.  Swallow the faecal sins in the sake of humiliation.”  I mean I understand the point of the songs, they’re anti-religious, but when you start talking about a coprofagia fetish it just becomes a complete joke to me, especially lyrically.  Judging by the quoted verse I assume all my readers can figure out what it means.

The song “Phallus Absconditus” is what really put me over the edge.  First off the word absconditus means hidden.  Why do I know this offhand?  Deathspell Omega wrote a song called “Diabolus Absconditus” and Heresi wrote a song called “Deus Absconditus.”  This is it… last one, Wolok have written about the hidden penis and therefore no more songs about the hidden anything using the word “absconditus” for the sake of making your titles sound esoteric by your witty use and command of the Latin language.  By giving it this phrase in Latin it appears to make the foolish attempt at making this seem high-brow lyrically.  Look at this line in the song “Nihil vaginal discharge.  Phallic void – the semen of nothingness.”  I’m not even sure what this is supposed to mean, but from the rest of the song maybe it has to do with some notion of angel’s raping people… invisible angels, since apparently it is void and amounts to nothingness.  So who actually cares in the end right?  Definitely not me.  Then my, by far, favorite part in this song is surely “Cumshot of prayers.”  This by far evoked the most hilarious image for me personally.  I suppose the overall point makes sense, but seriously the language use within which it’s written just cracks me up.  “Painful fistfuck of lies” of course!  The literary genius!  The prose!  It’s simply astounding.  The track “Wormz” starts off great until you get a little over half way through wherein he presents the incredible verse “We cum on your creations.  We cum on your dead holy wormz.”  At this point I figure if Lord Naggaroth spent his time composing music rather than figuring out what he wants to cum all over this would’ve probably turned out to be a pretty good album overall.

I’m still trying to figure out what in the hell “Nihil vaginal discharge” means.  Nihil means “nothing” in Latin… so there wasn’t any discharge…and…??  I mean who really cares if there wasn’t any. 

I had higher hopes for this album, until I found out who the composer was related to in terms of other projects.  It has an incredibly awesome cover and it’s on quite a good label that I associated with putting out good material in the past, but this thing is either some satirical joke or the author actually thinks this is serious work, in which case this is just silly.  They filter large vocabulary words intermittently in their lyrics to give them a “deeper” meaning or something to that nature, but fail miserably as soon as they begin to entertain notions of “fistfucking” and “cumming” on various things.  The music certainly doesn’t make any amends for this lack of lyrical creativity and merely makes the entire release a mockery at best.  The music, Black Metal wise, is the epitome of what I think of when I hear someone mention generic Black Metal, but Wolok try to be different by adding some of the most annoying keyboard effects into their opus.  So in the end it makes up for one giant forgettable listen.  Only when you replay the album you don’t hear anything new the second time around.  I highly recommend this album be avoided; it doesn’t really bring anything worth hearing anywhere.

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